With years of experience working together with some of the top reissue labels in the UK, we not only specialise in remastering and audio restoration from many different formats, but also comprehensively understand the needs and requirements of record labels, artists and bands. We have worked on hundreds of releases by some of the most high-profile of artists, and consistently provide the highest standard of work at very competitive prices. Audio masters can be supplied to you in your choice of digital file, CD, and/or full DDP image containing imbedded ISRC codes and mastering notes/PQ sheet. Check out some of our mastering examples here.


Single track master/remaster: £35

Up to 5 tracks: £30

Album (12 tracks): £300

Full disc (up to 80 mins): £400

Please contact us for a full quote.



At The Wax Works, we can transfer your audio from numerous different sources including vinyl, cassette, DAT, Minidisc, VHS & Betamax, plus several reel to reel formats, either as part of a full mastering project, or as a straight conversion job. Audio can be fully cleaned up, with hiss, pops and clicks removed from tape and vinyl, and we can even fix vinyl skips, restoring the full original recordings where possible! Audio transfers can be supplied to you in your choice of digital file, CD, or full DDP image.


Please contact us with details of your requirements on the email address at the bottom of the page for a full quote.

All vinyl records are fully wet-cleaned before conversion. Prices are based on a flat transfer of audio. Further restoration and audio reports are available at a an additional cost.

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Sound Mixing


Mastering and fixing up your fully-formed recordings is not all we're about! Here at The Wax Works we can transform your studio or home-recorded tracks into the dynamic, professional sounding mixes you're after. All we require is your recorded track stems, and we will return your fully-mixed songs back to you in the audio format of your choice. Please contact us for full details.



With credits to hundreds of titles compiled and managed for some of the UK's best reissue labels, we're fully equipped to build your releases. Whether it be compilations, expanded editions or entirely new projects, we're here provide our ideas and valuable input on your upcoming releases. Please see a selection of our previous projects here.